Weekend in Brussels

Brussels Travel itinerary 2-day 3-day girl

My boyfriend and I wanted to go somewhere in early December 2019 to relax a little bit and to go to the Christmas markets. We started searching for the best Christmas markets in Europe, places that could be visited in just one weekend (we no longer had vacation days left from work), and where the flights were…

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Top 5 stores in Times Square

Times Square Stores Girl

The Times Square is quite magical and one of my favourite places in Earth! 🌎Full of colour and lots of noise, huge screens transmitting ads in almost all buildings, amazing stores and restaurants, people and more people everywhere, cars and taxis 🚕passing and honking, characters and street performers entertaining. It’s a must-see place for a reason. New York’s hustle…

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1 day in Bratislava

Bratislava Slovakia itinerary blue church girl

Before all COVID-19 panic reach the whole of Europe, I took a 5-day trip to Budapest and I came to Bratislava one day to visit the city. At the time, we were in doubt of going to Bratislava or Vienna but we think that the first option was easier to include in a one-day itinerary (Vienna deserves a longer visit).

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My favourite travel souvenir

Magnets Fridge Travel Collection Girl

When I travel I always like to bring some souvenir of the place I went to. My favorite travel souvenir, that I always bring from all places, is a magnet and I already have some (a lot!). I have other magnets that were offered by some family or friends. Magnets are a nice gift to […]

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The first blog post

World to explore travel blog home girl covid-19 rainbow

Welcome to my blog! This is the first post of a lot I hope!
My name is Cristina, a portuguese girl born and raised in Porto, with the dream of visiting the whole world. Besides the passion of traveling, I also really like the entire travel researching and planning phases. When traveling, I like to follow the best travel script (the perfect doesn’t exist) which includes all the places that I and those who travel with me want to visit, eat and explore. It’s important to travel with a concrete plan to avoid wasting time and money.

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