Panoramic view of Detrelo da Malhada

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The Panoramic view of Detrelo da Malhada is a viewpoint that has an incredible view of the town of Moldes, in the heart of Serra da Freita inside Arouca GeoPark area 🌳. Created in 2009, the Arouca GeoPark was the second Portuguese geopark. It has an area of more than 320 square kilometers and brings together several attractions….

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Castelo de Paiva

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Here I come to tell you another adventure I did this year. In June, I took advantage of a long weekend and went to Arouca with my boyfriend for 3 days to do the Passadiços do Paiva route. On the way from Porto to Arouca, we decided to stop in Castelo de Paiva for lunch and a walk around…

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Paiva Walkaways

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At the beginning of each year, I always analyze the calendar to see what are the best dates to take small vacations taking into account the holidays. In June there were two holidays in a row (Wednesday and Thursday) so I chose to take the Friday off from work with the goal of going to Arouca to…

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