HGU New York hotel

HGU New York Hotel Nova Iorque 8

It’s been 2 years since my trip to New York 🚕 and I miss the city so much. There are cities that mark us and NY was one of them! All that city life, the excitement and the feeling of being inside a movie or a television series are awesome. I planned my trip well in advance (you can read…

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Legos of world attractions

World to Explore blog Legos Store New York Architecture 3

The LEGO brand has a collection called Architecture that has legos of the most important world attractions. They are not exactly cheap legos but the detail of the pieces, the instruction book 📖 completely pays off. The year before I went to New York I discovered this collection and loved it. I don’t have the patience to set…

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File for travel planning

World to Explore Travel Itinerary Excel File Planning

Planning a trip is essential for everything to go well and to avoid wasting time and money. Read here all the posts about planning. When planning a trip, it’s important to annotate everything 📝 in the same place instead of creating multiple files and using multiple platforms. Like I said in other posts, I use […]

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Necessary changes

World to Explore travel blog necessary changes in life

Hi to all! I come here to share with you a twist that happened in my life in the last few months. I hate drastic changes, but sometimes they are necessary. Each of us is different and our personalities change. There are people who love changes. Me, I like to feel safe, stable and with my feet firmly on…

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