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Hey! Let's explore the world together.

Hi! I'm Cristina, a portuguese girl born and raised in Porto with the ambition to explore everything that the world has to offer me. Like many other people, traveling is my biggest passion and the thing I love to do the most. However, I have a distinct and peculiar characteristic: the craziness of planning every single detail of my trips! For me, it doesn't make sense to go without a plan because I will spend so much more money and I won't see everything that I'd intend to. I love to search and find out the best travel script that includes all the places that I want to visit, to eat and to explore. When in a new place I don't like to lose time planning at the last minute.

All my (short) life I've been living in Portugal, place where I have my family and friends who are really important for me.  I took my degree in Computers Engineering and my master in Medical Informatics​. Currently I work as a software developer in an event management portuguese startup. The most important is that I do feel fulfilled programming, designing the software and organizing the projects.

I've already been in some countries but believe me, I'm far away from visiting all the world. I'm not the most traveled person out there but one step at a time, I'm only 28 years old! I'm planning a big trip for this summer but because of COVID-19 let's see if it will happen... fingers crossed!

I have the whole world to explore. Do you want to join me in this adventure? 🌍



COVID-19 time led to extreme measures: remote work, layoffs and more time to stay home. That's when I decided to create this blog about my travel experiences with exclusive tips, guides and scripts. The creation of a blog was something I already wanted to have done but the lack of courage and time was stopping me. But now, here it is!