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When I travel I always like to bring some souvenir of the place I went to. My favorite travel souvenir, that I always bring from all places, is a magnet and I already have some (a lot!). I have other magnets that were offered by some family or friends. Magnets are a nice gift to bring from holidays and that everyone likes to receive. I don’t have mine in the fridge because it’s built-in, but I have a magnetic panel where I put them. Even my grandmother, who never traveled, has a fridge full of magnets from the trips her sons or grandsons/granddaughters took (the first photo below).
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My favourites

The magnets that I like the most are the New York black and red metal plate that tries to copy the design of a car license plate and the doll with the huge pink bow on her head that came from Cuba. Obviously I like all magnets otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them but this two are my favourite.

The Torino magnet has a funny story. To contextualize, I went there in March 2019 for just one day by train from Milan. In the morning of that day, it was cold and with some clouds but then, around lunchtime, it started to get very sunny and very hot. Right after lunch, we went to Mole Antonelliana (the most important attraction of the city) and there were street vendors selling magnets and miniatures of the monument. Since we wanted to buy a magnet before going back to Milan, we saw an opportunity for that but we had a little problem… the vendors smelled so bad (multiply this by 10000!) that we couldn’t barely choose the magnet we wanted. My dad and my boyfriend just said to go away and buy somewhere else. However, me and my mum, holding our breath, managed to choose and buy the magnet. 💪

The most recent

The most recent magnets that I have are the ones with the three colorful houses from Brussels (December 2019), the beer mug with the Budapest parliament and the lucky clover in porcelain with the Bratislava castleThese last two were purchased on a trip made at the beginning of March this year. Before COVID-19 started to spread all over Europe.

These magnets are mine but in reality they are not mine (it’s confusing I know). These magnets are in my parents house. What I’m doing is, when I travel with my boyfriend we buy magnets for us too and we already have three boxes with travel souvenirs! Like a trousseau of magnets and souvenirs (that even exists?). We don’t have a house, but we do have magnets. It’s a start! 😅
And of course, I hope to continue traveling to fill another magnetic panel full of beautiful magnets!

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