Ballekes in Brussels

Ballekes Meatball restaurante Brussels Belgium 1

Ballekes means meatballs in Belgium and it’s a traditional Belgian dish. Right next to the Grand-Place and in front of the Hard Rock Cafe, there is a restaurant, created in 2016, that serves this typical meatball dish called Ballekes. When the two founders, originally from Antwerp and Brussels, were kids they really enjoyed the “ballekes” that his parents…

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Chez Léon in Brussels

Chez Leon restaurant brussels belgium mussels and fries

Chez Léon is a typical Belgian 🇧🇪 restaurant. It’s located on Rue des Bouchers, a street near by the Grand-Place, in the heart of the city. On this street there are lots of restaurants with their menus with images outside trying to attract tourists and locals to their establishments. The best known restaurant on this street, according to…

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Brussels – day 2

Parc du Cinquantenaire Brussels Belgium Girl Arch

In December 2019, my boyfriend and I went to Brussels for an extended weekend to date, get some rest and to see the Christmas markets. You can read here all the information about this weekend and here the itinerary of the first day of the trip. On the second and last day in Brussels (monday), we woke up…

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Brussels – day 1

Brussels Belgium Itinerary 2-day Script Guide Tips

Like I already explain in this post, me and my boyfriend visited Brussels in December 2019 during an extended weekend. We arrived there on Saturday night but on that day we just went out to dinner and then we got back to the hotel because it was late.
The next day was Sunday (the 1st of December), our…

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Weekend in Brussels

Brussels Travel itinerary 2-day 3-day girl

My boyfriend and I wanted to go somewhere in early December 2019 to relax a little bit and to go to the Christmas markets. We started searching for the best Christmas markets in Europe, places that could be visited in just one weekend (we no longer had vacation days left from work), and where the flights were…

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