Monte Brasil in Terceira, Azores

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Located on the south coast of Terceira Island in the Azores archipelago, Monte Brasil is an extensive, densely wooded park whose fauna and flora are protected 🌳. It was formed by the felling of a cone from an ancient volcano that was originated in the sea and is protected by the Fortress of São João […]

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6 Attractions to visit in San Francisco’s Chinatown

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San Francisco is undoubtedly a multicultural city with a very liberal spirit. The city is home to around 900,000 residents from an incredible cultural diversity and a diverse mix of races, with approximately 34.4% of the population being of Asian origin. Chinatown District San Francisco’s Chinatown District is one of the oldest and most established […]

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Visit and have lunch in Caloura

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Caloura is a picturesque fishing village 🐟 located in Água de Pau on the south side of São Miguel Island in Azores. Although it doesn’t have many tourist attractions to see, it is worth a stop there even if it’s to have lunch and see, or even to take a dip in the natural pool that has a very clear blue…

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5 Attractions to Visit in the Castro 🏳️‍🌈

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The Castro neighborhood in San Francisco is synonymous with freedom of expression and LGBT culture. Since the 1940s, San Francisco had a reputation as a city of tolerance and open-mindedness. Many members of the LGBT community, including dishonorably discharged veterans, moved to the city after World War II, and many of them settled in the Castro…

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