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Welcome to my blog! This is the first post of a lot I hope!

My name is Cristina, a portuguese girl born and raised in Porto, with the dream of visiting the whole world. Besides the passion of traveling, I also really like the entire travel researching and planning phases. When traveling, I like to follow the best travel script (the perfect doesn’t exist) which includes all the places that I and those who travel with me want to visit, eat and explore. It’s important to travel with a concrete plan to avoid wasting time and money.

COVID-19 time led to extreme measures: remote work, layoffs and more time to stay home. That’s when I decided to create this blog about my travel experiences with exclusive tips, guides and scripts. The creation of a blog was something I already wanted to have done but the lack of courage and time was stopping me. But now, here it is!

With this blog I hope to share everything that went well, less well or completely wrong on my trips. I’m far away from visiting the whole world but I already have a generous list of places I’ve been. I intend to continue traveling, as soon as I can, but I think we have to be aware that now it isn’t the time for that. Now we have the world to explore at HOME! 🏡

Please stay home! Everything will be alright! 🌈

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