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Today is the third day of the year. I can tell you that I’m very excited to start a new year and try to forget 2020 a little bit. I would say that it was an extremely hard year for me both personally and professionally. It was possible to learn a lot, to understand what really matters and those people who are important to us. I miss affection, to go out for a drink without thinking that every time I get up I have to put on my mask, be with my family, travel 🗺️

2020 and travel

I think 2020 was a very poor year for traveling. I had so many plans, so many dreams and boom everything went down the drain. When situations like this happen it’s important to stop for a while and redefine new goals and that was what I did. Before the impact of COVID-19 in Europe, I was still able to travel to Budapest and Bratislava. It was a very desired trip and it happened in early March with a lot of luck. I can tell you that the week after our trip, Hungary 🇭🇺 decided to close the borders. Then, in April and May, there were no trips for anyone. We were all locked up at home 🏠 to prevent the virus from spreading and it was at this point that I decided to launch this blog. In June I went to Castelo de Paiva and Arouca because I wanted to do the Paiva Walkaways. I have to say that it’s very worth it because of the views but it’s extremely tiring. At the end of July, I went to Alentejo to visit new places and return to places I hadn’t visited in years. You can see everything about this trip here. In August, I headed for Azores and I was amazed with Lagoa das Sete Cidades, the warm of Poça da Dona Beija, the beauty of Vila Franca do Campo  islet and many other things. Finally, in October I chose to go to Minho for a long weekend and went through Viana do Castelo and Vila Nova de Cerveira, making a little trip to Baiona in Spain.

What about 2021? 

I have no idea how it will be. I still have some very light ideas… I’m sure that I want to take the opportunity to get to know a few more places here in Portugal and in the middle of the year I hope I can discover other countries. I think everything will depend on the evolution of the pandemic and on the vaccination 💉. I don’t know how it’s going on in your countries but here in Portugal I can only be vaccinated in the 3rd vaccination phase that only starts in September. I still have a lot to wait and I’m trying not to despair.

The journey to the American West Triangle 🇺🇸

So, regarding the trip I was planning, I’m not sure what I can tell you. I continue to plan and believe that someday I’ll do it. I have no hope that it will be done in 2021 but perhaps in 2022 (fingers crossed! 🤞). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read about it here. It is a very long and expensive trip for me so it does not make sense to make this investment knowing that several attractions are closed and that I always have to wear a mask. Have you ever imagined taking a 12-hour plane ride with a mask? Because of these reasons we will choose to postpone the trip for an indefinite time and continue to save money and plan it in the best possible way.

How are you planning your 2021? Are you hoping that all of this will return to normal or do you think it will take a while? Tell me everything in the comments box or on instagram.

Good year to all and thank you for continuing to follow my work! ❤️

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