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Given that COVID-19 is here to stay and spoiled my plans for my summer vacation, I had to adapt. This snotty virus has spoiled a lot, especially the economy. Because of this whole situation, I decided to spend the summer holidays in my country, Portugal, to visit new places and return to places I have visited a long time ago.

Spoiled plans 😥

This year was going to be special (or at least those were my expectations), but it was very different and weird for sure!. I was planning to make one of the biggest trips ever but because of COVID-19 I was forced to postpone it, instead of risking my health. In addition, my flights were canceled and then I was canceling all hotels and Airbnbs. I was going to make an USA Road Trip 🇺🇸 (the Western Triangle – Los Angeles/Las Vegas and San Francisco) and I was going to be traveling for about 20 days so I had several things to cancel. I chose to make a list of everything that I had to cancel in order not to miss anything. Fortunately I always book hotels with free cancellation so I managed to recover the money. It’s not easy to postpone plans but on the one hand it feels good to know that they will end up happening and so I have more time to plan (I was planning quite late indeed).

World to Explore Blog - Travel USA Road Trip Western Triangle Los Angeles Las Vegas San Francisco
USA Road Trip - My spoiled plans

My new plans #VisitPortugal

I honestly hated having to cancel my trip to the United States but it was the best decision I made (it will be a way to save some money 💰!). I will stay in Portugal and take the opportunity to visit new places and return to other places that I haven’t been in a long time. Although I live in Portugal, I don’t know much about my country (it’s sad I know). I already have a trip scheduled for Alentejo to the end of July and I’m trying to book another one for other destination, also in Portugal (as it isn’t yet decided I will not reveal it now). I think I will be able to have a lot of fun staying in Portugal and maybe learn to value my country more. Portugal is amazing and has beautiful places to visit (most of them I only know through photos because I never went there). I will then share with you all the places I visit – you can follow me on instagram to know more. In addition, I have planned several posts of places in Portugal that I’ve already visited and I will publish them in the near future to try to encourage you to visit my country! Click here to see all the posts about Portugal.

And this is what I wanted to share with you! Sometimes life plays tricks on us and makes us give up some of our dreams but we have to continue to fight for them and postpone them instead of cancel. 💪🏽🌟

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