I’m back again! 🗺

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It’s true, I’m back to the blog and regular travel itinerary posts 🙈. The last post was published over 2 years ago, and honestly, I’m not even sure how so much time passed because I didn’t notice it. A lot has happened during this period; COVID-19 almost came to an end, I bought a house and already moved in, and I traveled quite a bit to destinations that are well worth it…

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12 New Year Wishes

World to Explore Travel Blog Viagens itinerários roteiros scripts itinerary portugal new year 2021

I start this post with a question for you! Am I the only one who never thinks about the 12 New Year wishes and then in the first days of the year you remember several that you should have asked for? I swear to you that I am irritated with myself because of this! This year I will start…

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Start over and dream

World to Explore Travel blog script california azores açores portugal arouca viagens roteiros itinerários

Today is the third day of the year. I can tell you that I’m very excited to start a new year and try to forget 2020 a little bit. I would say that it was an extremely hard year for me both personally and professionally. It was possible to learn a lot, to understand what really matters…

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Buuuuuuhhhhh! It’s Halloween time! 🎃

Halloween World to Explore Travel Blog Post

Halloween, also called Witches’ day 🧙‍♀️, is a party with dark themes, witches, ghosts, spiders 🕷️, pumpkins and it’s celebrated annually on the night of October 31st to November 1st. The origin of the Halloween party goes back more than 2 thousand years ago, having arisen with the Celts. The Celts were polytheistic people (who believed in various gods)…

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Necessary changes

World to Explore travel blog necessary changes in life

Hi to all! I come here to share with you a twist that happened in my life in the last few months. I hate drastic changes, but sometimes they are necessary. Each of us is different and our personalities change. There are people who love changes. Me, I like to feel safe, stable and with my feet firmly on…

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