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The LEGO brand has a collection called Architecture that has legos of the most important world attractions. They are not exactly cheap legos but the detail of the pieces, the instruction book 📖 completely pays off.

The year before I went to New York I discovered this collection and loved it. I don’t have the patience to set up legos but my father likes it a lot so I wanted to buy the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower (which were two of the attractions that we think are the coolest). Are you reading this about not having the patience to make legos? My mom bought a 3000-piece puzzle 🧩 to give to my dad and he doesn’t have the patience to do it! Now it’s up to me and I’m not sure how I’m going to finish. Wish me luck 💪!

What legos do I have?

I would say that I still have few legos but all that I have are on display in my living room. From New York city I have a big Statue of Liberty 🗽 and another with the main buildings (Empire State Building, the One World Trade Center, the Flatiron Building, the Chrysler Building and the Statue of Liberty). From Paris I have the Eiffel Tower and then I have a red bus from London. I still have the San Francisco and Las Vegas skyline. I want to buy the one from Los Angeles, but as I mentioned, these legos are expensive so I can’t buy them all at once.

LEGO stores all over the world 🗺️

When I travel, a place I always like to add to my itineraries, if there is one in the city where I am going, is the LEGO Store. I have already been to several LEGO stores and they are all gigantic and with incredible constructions of the main monuments of this city. One of the red buses I have from London I bought at the LEGO store near Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

The stores I have been to and their locations:

  • New York (620 5th Ave, New York, NY 10020)
  • London (3 Swiss Ct, West End, London W1D 6AP)
  • Berlin (Tauentzienstraße 20, 10789 Berlin)
  • Milan (Corso Monforte, 2, 20122 Milano MI)
  • Paris (1 Passage de la Canopée, 75001 Paris)

What about you, are you adventurous to build legos? Comment below or on instagram. Click here if you still don’t follow me.

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