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Hi to all! I come here to share with you a twist that happened in my life in the last few months. I hate drastic changes, but sometimes they are necessary. Each of us is different and our personalities change. There are people who love changes. Me, I like to feel safe, stable and with my feet firmly on the ground.

In the last few months I started feeling that my professional life needed a change. I had this awareness but I didn’tย have the courage (and maybe the will) to take a risk. Because of this situation around COVID-19 (crashes in the economy and changes in people’s lives), the company where I worked didnโ€™t gave me much security and I started to feel a big instability.

I am an Informatics Engineer and, fortunately, there is a lot of job offers in my area. But, I will be honest, I was afraid of not getting anything that would complete me and that would be against what I was looking for. It took me less than a month to find a new challenge. I did a lot of interviews, a lot of code challenges,โ€ฆ I felt completely blown away mentally. Of all the companies in which I was in theย hiring process, I was only interested in 2/3 and then I choseย to stop some processes to avoid wearing myself out unnecessarily (and wasting recruiters and my time). After several phases of interviews, a proposal came up for the company I am going to. I was really happy because I really enjoyed the challenge, the fact that the company is recent, not Portuguese, the official language is English and the business area. I felt that it’ll beย a place where I could grow professionally but also where my knowledge could bring value.

I accepted the proposal with certainty that I liked the company I am going to. Afraid, of course, because it will be a new challenge and a new routine for me. But, in the end, what matters is that I feel happy withย this change, which I consider necessary for me. Wish me luck! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ

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