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It’s been 2 years since my trip to New York 🚕 and I miss the city so much. There are cities that mark us and NY was one of them! All that city life, the excitement and the feeling of being inside a movie or a television series are awesome. I planned my trip well in advance (you can read how I organized my trip here).

I can say that one of the most difficult things was getting a hotel that was within my budget, near the center and with good reviews on booking and TripAdvisor. I wasn’t concerned about the size of the room as many people complain. I just wanted it to be clean and bug free. It scared me when I read comments saying that the room had rats and cockroaches. For me it was a big NO! After analyzing hundreds of hotels (I’m not exaggerating, there were hundreds… believe me) I opted for HGU New York, a 4-star hotel. It seemed to be a recent hotel, cozy, well-located and with a reasonable price.

Details of my reservation:
-> Dates: 13th to 22th August 2018
-> Rooms: 2 double rooms

Although I analyzed the hotel on booking and on TripAdvisor I chose to send an email directly to the hotel asking for a budget (I usually use these two websites for analysis only). I was very surprised when I received the answer because, considering the values applied in New York, I found it cheap. For the two double rooms (each for two people) it was $2008,44 per room with taxes (at the time, around 1700€) for the 9 nights in accommodation without breakfast. Obviously to have this price I booked in advance (to go in August 2018, I booked in June 2017).

🏨 The Hotel

The HGU New York hotel is a 4-star hotel and is located in the Midtown area, close to the Empire State Building and the Grand Central Terminal. Both the exterior and interior are decorated in a fine arts style mixed with modern touches. The rooms 🛏️ are equipped with everything you need (at least I consider that they are) and on the official website you can even see the floor plans.

1st impression/ 1st night

As I told you here, as soon as I landed in NY, I took a Lyft from the airport to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we had a ridiculous thermal sensation. It was very hot and stuffy 🥵 outside and inside the hotel it was horribly cold 🥶. The air conditioner should be turned on at a minimum. This contrast of temperatures happened several times during the trip but later I will tell you better. The check-in process was quick and easy but I did it too. I had exchanged several emails with the hotel with doubts and sent one the day before the trip to confirm that everything was ok with the reservation. The rooms were spotless and exceeded our expectations. Everything was very clean and I even found it spacious. My parents’ room was on the 6th floor and had views of the Empire State Building. My room (and my boyfriend’s) were facing the back so the views were practically nonexistent. The beds were very comfortable, super cute, soft and had lots of pillows. Although I was very tired, on the first night at the hotel I slept almost nothing. I was very excited to be in New York and the noise from the air conditioners in the adjacent buildings bothered me a lot. However, it was only that night because the next few nights I managed to sleep well. It’s New York and noises are everywhere! I had read in comments that there were guests who complained about the noise and told that the reception gave them ear plugs. On the second day I went to ask for ear plugs but I didn’t even use them.

The location

The hotel’s location was perfect. It wasn’t inside the mess but it was just a few minutes walk. There were two metro stations 🚇 near by: 33 Street (line 6) – 2 minutes walk and 34 St – Herald Square (lines B, D, F, M, N, Q, R and W) – 10 minutes walk.

Online ordering

Another important point for me was the fact that the hotel received orders for guests. I did some online shopping on Sephora website before I went and put the hotel address. When I checked in, they gave me the packages immediately. I don’t know if it’s necessary to notify by email but I chose to send and play it safe.


As I’ve already mentioned, I booked the hotel without breakfast because I thought the value was too expensive and it was the best choice! In front of the hotel (literally in front, it was only necessary to cross the street) was located the Silo Café, which was the chosen place to have breakfast most days. It had everything there but, unfortunately, I think it has already closed. It was both a cafe and a mini supermarket. My mother and I usually ate a bagel with cream cheese, a fruit plate (watermelon, melon and pineapple) and a yogurt or cappuccino ☕. My father and my boyfriend opted for a “2 egg and bacon” bagel (with omelet and bacon 🥓). We became completely bagel fans on this trip! In total, for 4 people, we paid about $20/$25 which for New York isn’t expensive at all.

The HGU New York hotel exceeded my expectations in a way that when I travel back to NY it will be the first on the list of options. I want to get back to New York in the near future! I miss the city a lot. ✈️🗽

You can read here all the posts about my trip to New York. 

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