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Park Warner is a theme park 🎢🎡 in San Martín de la Vega in the south of Madrid. The park opened on 2002 with another management (current management started in 2006). Since it opened its doors, the park has been growing more and more, creating new attractions, new thematic areas and even a water park (which is right next door – I never went there). Much less popular than Disney in Paris, Park Warner is not on the list of the largest amusement parks in Europe, but it is worth the visit for sure!

When I was there

I’ve been to the park 3 times and each time I go I still like it a lot. The 3 times I went to the park, I used different types of transport: train, car and bus.

2011: First time! I went to Madrid to get to know the city and I went one day to the park. To get there take line C-3 of the train in the center of Madrid, get off at Pinto stop and then take the 413 bus which stops right outside the park.

2015: During the Summer holidays I went to Estepona (in the south of Spain) by car and before we came to Porto we stopped 2 days in Madrid to go to the park. We stayed at a nearby hotel and we drove and parked in the parking lot there.

2019: Funny story this because of all the coincidence. I went to Barcelona with my boyfriend a week in early August. As the flights were ridiculously expensive from Barcelona to Porto we decided to make a 1-day stopover in Madrid to go to the park (it was my boyfriend’s first time there). But the coincidence happened. My cousin’s birthday was that day and he also went to the park! This time we stayed in a hotel near Madrid airport and we went to the park by bus (I reserved the tickets here).

Tickets 🎟️ and number of days

1 day is enough to see the whole park, especially on days with few people. But for those who like to adventure in the various attractions and want to see the shows, the best is to go 2 days. The price is almost the same for 1 or 2 day visit. The ticket price depends on the day you are going but varies between 40-60€ for adults. I recommend buying the tickets online because this avoids a queue and if you buy in advance the prices are cheaper.

The park areas 🗺️

The Park Warner has been growing and is divided into 5 thematic areas: Cartoon Village, Hollywood Boulevard, Movie World Studios, Old West Territory and Super Heroes World.

Cartoon Village: It’s an area more dedicated to children, exclusively with light attractions with a cartoon theme

Hollywood Boulevard: Located just after the park entrance. Has lots of thematic settings, theaters, shops and restaurants

Movie World: Movie themed attractions, with a roller coaster and house of terror

Old West Territory: Old West themed area, with cowboys and cowgirls and several water attractions

Super Heroes: The most radical area of the park! (for the bravest) There are many roller coasters with more curves and counter-curves

The best is for you to take a map of the park at the entrance to see all points, the show times, the photo sessions with the characters and so on. Select the attractions you really want to go to and try to fit them during the morning (less queue!).

The attractions 🎢🎡

In the park there are attractions on 3 different levels: mild – suitable for young children, moderate – for the whole family and intense – for those looking for a good dose of adrenaline 💪.

Since I went to the park always in the summer, the most queued attractions were the water ones 💧. In the middle of August, with the hot sun ☀️ hitting, the water attractions are great to refresh a little. I advise you not to go to this attractions after 18.00h to have time to dry your clothes in the sun (you will get all wet!). If you have a backpack with the mobile phone, the camera, the wallet and other belongings, it’s important to ensure that they are protected or that the backpack is waterproof! At the entrance to the park there are lockers to store things but I never tried it because it usually has a long queue so I choose to use a waterproof backpack.

➡️ My favourites

My favorite attractions in the Park Warner are the water ones, without a doubt, but another one that I also really like is the tower called La Venganza del Enigma. Located in the Super Heroes area, it’s one of the highest rides in the world. The adrenaline of being launched to the top, then staying there for a while watching the views of the park and then falling is brutal!

Meet & Greet and Characters parades

When walking 🚶 through the park you can find several characters like the Bugs Bunny, Taz, Tom and Jerry, Superman, Scobby Doo, and others! Sometimes the queue to take a photo it’s big but normally it’s worth waiting for a funny memory.  Another important thing is that at the opening and at the end of the day (between 19:00h and 21:30h – depends on the park’s closing time) there are parades of the characters on the park main avenue. Shows with a lot of music 🎵 and animation! Worth seeing at least once!

The shows 🎥

One of the highlights of the park are the shows, specially the Police Academy 🚓. This show has car and motorcycle maneuvers and lasts about 30 minutes. Happens on an open air auditorium with terraced stalls and a capacity for 2,500 people. You better go early because it fills up! For me, it’s an obligatory show for you to see.

The amazing stores 🛍️

Throughout the Park Warner there are several incredible stores. The stores have lots of merchandise featuring the park’s characters such as mugs, notebooks, clothes, cuddly toys and other accessories. It’s an authentic perdition with all those cute things! For me the Baby Looney Tunes are irresistible. On the second time I went to the park (as I went by car) I bought 3 cuddly toys: Lola, Bugs Bunny and Sylvester 🙈.

Where to eat 🍔🍹

Inside the park there are several restaurants, some cheaper and others more expensive. But there are options for all tastes. You have to take into account that the price of food is a little expensive… but it’s good.

From Europe’s amusement parks I already went to Disneyland, Port Aventura and this one. Disneyland has a different magic 🌟 but for those who want to walk in the attractions this is undoubtedly the best for having short queues and being less crowded. As it isn’t a well-known park, it has this kind of advantages!

Going to the Park Warner is a lot of fun but you have to be aware that it is also very tiring! Inside the park you walk a lot (a loooooot!). But for me it’s worth it and whenever I can I will go back there 💙.

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