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Caloura is a picturesque fishing village 🐟 located in Água de Pau on the south side of São Miguel Island in Azores. Although it doesn’t have many tourist attractions to see, it is worth a stop there even if it’s to have lunch and see, or even to take a dip in the natural pool that has a very clear blue water.

As I told you here, I visited the Azores in August 2020 and I chose to rent a car every day 🚗. I arrived in Caloura by car after visiting the center of Água de Pau. Parking the car in the area of the natural pools of Caloura was very easy but I don’t know if it had to do with the few tourists who were on the island because of COVID-19 restrictions.

🗺️ Location

Caloura is located on the south coast of São Miguel Island to the east of Ponta Delgada. It’s located in a small and narrow stream and is protected by a cliff covered with lush vegetation and walls of black basaltic stone.

What to visit

As I already mentioned, Caloura is a place that deserves a quick stop, but there are not many tourist attractions to visit. I will highlight three: the Convent of Caloura, the Natural Pool and the Viewpoint of Pisão.

Convent of Caloura

The Convent of Caloura is a baroque structure from the 16th and 17th centuries that today is in private hands and can only be visited with the permission of the owner. In the convent church, the Church of Nossa Senhora das Dores, originated the cult of Christ of Miracles when Pope Paul II offered the image of Christ to nuns in 1530. To protect the statue from the frequent attacks by pirates of that time 🏴‍☠️, the statue was transferred to the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Esperança in Ponta Delgada in 1541. Unfortunately due to forgetfulness, I ended up not going to see the Convent of Caloura up close. I only had the opportunity to see it when I passed by car and from the top of Miradouro do Pisão. Already listed for the next time for sure!

Caloura Natural Pool

Tucked away on the steep slopes of Caloura, right next to a picturesque and small fishing port, is located this beautiful natural pool where it is possible to take salt water baths and sunbathe. It’s a very safe area with lifeguards. And the most important thing is that it is free! We went to this pool before lunch and it didn’t make sense to go for a swim but the water was very desirable. The place is very beautiful and the water was calm but a little cold for my liking.

Viewpoint of Pisão

This viewpoint allows you to have an incredible panoramic view of the natural pools of Caloura and is located on the right side of the Regional Road 1-1 in the area of ​​those who descend towards Praia de Água de Alto. For those going by car, although there is an own street that takes you to the viewpoint you can continue on the road because it’s possible to park the car and climb stairs to the viewpoint without leaving the route. As I had seen this on Google Maps, we opted for this option and we saved 5 minutes. Near this viewpoint there is a picnic area that is equipped with places for barbecues.

Where to have lunch

Are you ready to write down this restaurant? It’s really worth it! Restaurant Bar da Caloura is located right next to the natural pool and serves fresh grilled fish (the “fish of the day”), with a price of 15€ per person. As there were 4 of us, we chose to order 4 different types of fish: Lírio (my favorite), Pork Fish, Boca Negra and Tuna. They were all delicious, with a fresh salt water flavor and excellently cooked. They were served along boiled potatoes and a variety of vegetables  (lettuce 🥬, peppers 🌶️, cucumbers 🥒, corn 🌽, tomatoes 🍅, black beans, olives,…).

I recommend you to arrive early to ensure that you get a table because the restaurant is always full  at lunchtime. Even during COVID-19 times, we realized that the restaurant was full due to the possible seating capacity. When we were having lunch, the queue was already in more than 4 groups.

I hope that you gained some curiosity about this area of Caloura and wish to try the fresh fish at Restaurante Bar da Caloura 💙. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, I post all new blog posts and many other curiosities and tips there.

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