The first month of the blog

World to Explore - Travel itinerary, script, tips, guide - 1 month

Creating this travel blog has been an adventure. I was very reluctant to do it but the truth is that I gained courage and took a chance. I don’t regret my decision! Initially I think I was ashamed but then I thought… ashamed of what? Fighting for a goal? Wanting to get to know a little about myself and my travels? To do something of mine? There was no reason to be ashamed. I can say that now I speak about the blog with great pride because itโ€™s something that I am building and making happen.

It’s been 1 month today, May 25th, that I launched the blog and shared on social media. Curiously, yesterday was my 25th birthday. I guess number 25 is chasing me. I can say right now that itโ€™s been quite a lot of work (writing posts, translating, social media posts, editing photos,โ€ฆ) but it has been very worth it! Itโ€™s just the first month and I have two feelings about the results. On one hand the results I got were outstanding but on the other hand I feelย it’s not that much. However, I know that things are not instantaneous and itโ€™s just the beginning.

Although the numbers do not say much, for now it is the main indicator that I can consider to analyze my blog. Letโ€™s see them.

  • More than 350 visitors to the website
  • People from more than 30 countries
  • Over a thousand followers on instagram
  • 13 published posts (around 3 per week)
World to Explore travel blog itinerary mao visitors

For the first month I think it’s pretty good! It was only possible because I have dedicated a lot of time to the blog and its dissemination. I’m teleworking and I’m not working at 100% of the time so itโ€™s easier. When I get back to my daily routine of leaving home at 8.30h and only returning around 19.00h, it will be much harderย but I’m ready for a good challenge ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ.

Are you curious about the content forย the next months? I already have a lot of things prepared and I hope you’ll enjoy them. Iโ€™m trying to think outside the box, not to be just another travel blog. If you don’t follow me yet,ย the opportunity is now! Follow the blog on instagram and be the first to know about new posts.

Thanks to all the people who are turning this challenge real! I am very happy! โค๏ธ

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