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Digital Photo album New York

During my childhood I remember my parents had several photo albums. Nowadays, most people don’t even bother to print their travel photos. With the rise of digital technologies we take more photos but we also forget about them more easily. The new reality and the lack of time ⏱️ or opportunity leads people to keep the photos stored only on the camera memory card or in a folder on the computer/mobile phone.

Going on vacations is one of the best opportunities to catch the perfect snapshot 📷 and when you return home you will probably have hundreds of it in your memory card. Or even thousands (guilty!). For me, my travel photos are a little treasure that I have!

Photos backup process

After returning from a trip, I transfer all the photos from the camera to my computer. Then, I move to trash those that are not well (usually are just few because I delete them on the camera throughout the trip). When they are already selected, I save my photos on two external hard drives. Besides that, I’m planning to start using Google Photos to store my travel photos to serve as an extra guarantee that they are save. Who knows if the two disks die at the same time… (please don’t!)

Backing up all the travel photos on the hard drives will surely save my memories for posterity, but for me it isn’t enough. I’m that type of girl that likes to print some photos and have multiple picture frames 🖼️ everywhere around the house. 

Digital photo album

The best and nowadays the most classic way to record the travel memories is with a digital photo album. There are a lot of companies doing that but I recommend Hofman or Dreambooks (this two are the most well-known in Portugal I guess). You just need to select the best photos out of the thousands you took, insert them on the album software, customize all aspects of the design, choose the template and the layouts and it’s done. I’m planning of doing a digital album of my last trip so then I will create a post explaining all the steps.

Digital photo album

The digital photo albums are an excellent way to look back and revive some memories. You can keep them on the coffee table in the living room or on a shelf along with other books and, when in a more nostalgic mood, open the album and start leafing through it. I’m sure it will be very good to remember those memories.

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