Is there Christmas without Home Alone?

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For me the answer is very simple! No! And don’t tell me that there is Christmas without 🏠 Home Alone because I can’t believe. Watching this film is already part of my Christmas tradition. I don’t think there was a year (as long as I can remember) that I hadn’t seen at least one of Home Alone films. I think I already know the films by heart (especially Home Alone 2, which is my favorite!) But even so, I always have fun watching. It’s a movie suited for the whole family that has super funny scenes to animate everyone on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 🎄.

Have you never seen Home Alone? Are you some ET 👽 who came to visit us? 🤣 I’m obviously joking but it’s shocking to me! If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this movie, take advantage of this Christmas for that. Join your family and have fun watching Kevin’s adventures.

✵ Movie synopsis

In summary, Kevin McCallister is a kid whose parents forget about him when they go on vacation ✈️. So, he stays at home (or in a hotel) alone and that’s where the problems start: there are thieves wanting to rob his house and the police don’t believe it. Because of this, he executes an ‘infallible’ plan using everyday accessories he had at home to get rid of thieves. The truth is that in the end he succeeds and the thieves are caught.

✵ Home Alone 2

There are 5 Home Alone movies that have similar stories and another one is due to be released next year, but the best one in my opinion is Home Alone 2. It takes place in New York 🗽 during Christmas time and both the landscapes and the music chosen for the scenes are incredible. I am incurably in love with New York so this film leaves me dreaming. I went to New York in the summer (see here all the articles about my trip), now I have to go for Christmas! COVID-19 will go away soon and will let me travel again! 

Home Alone GIF World to Explore Christmas

The first movie of Home Alone takes us to 1990, 30 years ago! It’s amazing how it is a timeless movie that continues to entertain families. Let’s not talk about the fact that the main actor is no longer a kid and that he got into drugs or that. Everything that happens in the movie is just ridiculous because never in life would a kid stay at home alone and that his parents would forget him. Let’s just remember the good things and how amazing these films are! 😂

I can say that Home Alone 2 is my favorite Christmas movie but I have several others that are part of my “List of movies that are mandatory to watch at Christmas”. Would you like to see my list of Christmas movies? Tell me here in the comments or on the blog instagram. Also tell me if you also like Home Alone like me! I really want to know!

Thank you all and Merry Christmas! ❤️🎄

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