The origin of Santa Claus 🎅

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When we hear about Santa Claus 🎅, anyone thinks of that chubby old man with a long white beard who lives in the North Pole and makes the children (and adults too) happy on Christmas Eve. He’s always riding his sleigh with his reindeer 🦌, the best known of which is Rudolf. The origin of Santa Claus comes from…

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My Christmas Tree 🎄

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I think that by this time you understand I am completely in love with Christmas ❤️. I love everything that is decorations, I like the colors, I love the songs and humming them and most important of all… I love making the Christmas tree! About 5 years ago my parents decided to buy a new Christmas tree that…

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Is there Christmas without Home Alone?

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For me the answer is very simple! No! And don’t tell me that there is Christmas without 🏠 Home Alone because I can’t believe. Watching this film is already part of my Christmas tradition. I don’t think there was a year (as long as I can remember) that I hadn’t seen at least one of Home Alone films…

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Christmas markets in Madrid

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Madrid is a beautiful spanish city that is easily visited on foot. It’s a city with a lot to explore but relatively small (or rather, with all the main attractions near each other) and flat. I’ve been to Madrid about 5/6 times and I still love it! Visiting the Parque du Retiro 🌳, strolling along the Gran Via…

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