Save your travel photos as a treasure

Digital Photo album New York

During my childhood I remember my parents had several photo albums. Nowadays, most people don’t even bother to print their photos. With the rise of digital technologies we take more photos but we also forget about them more easily. The new reality and the lack of time ⏱️ or opportunity leads people to keep the photos stored only…

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The first blog post

World to explore travel blog home girl covid-19 rainbow

Welcome to my blog! This is the first post of a lot I hope!
My name is Cristina, a portuguese girl born and raised in Porto, with the dream of visiting the whole world. Besides the passion of traveling, I also really like the entire travel researching and planning phases. When traveling, I like to follow the best travel script (the perfect doesn’t exist) which includes all the places that I and those who travel with me want to visit, eat and explore. It’s important to travel with a concrete plan to avoid wasting time and money.

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