12 New Year Wishes

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I start this post with a question for you!

Am I the only one who never thinks about the 12 New Year wishes and then in the first days of the year you remember several that you should have asked for? I swear to you that I am irritated with myself because of this! This year I will start thinking about wishes at the beginning of December and write everything in a short list not to forget anything 🤣. I guess I don’t even believe in this wish thing but it doesn’t hurt to try it right? These new year wishes / resolutions are the perfect opportunity to have a moment of reflection and think about everything we want to keep, change, start and eliminate in the new year that begins.

I am not going to tell you what I wanted, if the superstition of not coming true is really true, but at midnight on day 1 I started eating 12 cashew nuts (oh yes I don’t like raisins so I invented a different tradition). When I start thinking about New Year’s wishes I only think about 5/6 in my head at that time and I feel really upset because I think I should have planned what I wanted to ask for. Tell me I’m not the only pleaseeeee.

As I told you, I am not a girl that believes in desires or superstitions. I believe that we need to work hard, make it count, make it happen, but the luck component must also be on our side 🍀. In a few days I will start a new adventure in my life and I am afraid or whatever you want to call it. I don’t like changes at all, as I told you here, and I was practically forced to make one more change in my life. I am confident that everything will be fine but there is always that feeling of butterflies in the belly 🦋, of uncertainty and not knowing what to expect. But I know it will go well, at Ieast I‘ll do everything in my power for it! 💪

It’s the last time I wish Happy New Year of 2021 here on the blog! I hope that all your wishes will come true and that this whole situation of COVID-19 will calm down a little for the world to improve and the economies to grow again.

I will conclude this post with a lyric from a Portuguese song that tells me a lot…

They don't even know and dream,
The dream commands the life,
That is, whenever a man dreams of
The world jumps and moves forward
As the colored ball in the
In the arms of a child
World to Explore Travel Blog Pedra Filosofal Antonio Gedeao
António Gedeão
Portuguese Poet

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